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...if you don't already know about this, then check it out...if you already go there, look for me!! I'm msKite or ßlOõD SüCkîNg VêGãN

Colorado Avalanche: Edge On the Web

...well, this is probably only cool, if you like the Colorado Avalanche...which, you should since they're the best!!!!!!!! STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS '96!!!

White House

Here's the White House's Home Page!! I know you're all dying to send some mail to Bill Clinton... don't deny it --just do it!!

The Dilbert Zone

aw, c'mon,everybody loves Dilbert!! How could you not?!?! It's one of the Top 25 most linked to sites!(i'm just followin' the trend!!)

The Crow

here's some great pics of Brandon Lee..oh yeh, and there's probably something about the movie too...

Stabbing Westward

This is the Unofficial SW Home page!!! Visit the page, join the fan club...

Nine Inch Nails

" could have it all, my empire of dirt..." This page has got lots of NINformation...

They Might Be Giants

"...they might be Dr. Spock's back-up band..." this is a great band!! check out this page! like, fersure!

Monty Python

...for all you Monty Python fans out there, this is the official home page!! very funny!! (don't forget your coconuts) Join the Spam Club while you're there!

Andy's Art Attack

This is a great page to go to if you need help spicing up your homepage...Check it out!


This is a cool page for art too.. go see.. stop reading this.. click on the damn link!

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