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This is my collection of poetry and other writings...

if you'd like to submit poetry to be placed here, please e-mail me


Castle On A Cloud by Herbert Kretzmer
Half-Believing Smile by Cecile Alderman
That Beautiful Laugh by Wayne Kramer
Summer by anastasia
The Hunger by anastasia
Trapped Bottled Tears by anastasia
The Creation Of Water by Harlon Ellison
. by Yohann DeWitt
KC by Nathaniel Clemons
Summer Night's Breeze by Yohann DeWitt
Comments by Phil Baker
The Lie I Live by Rob Casper
Bleeding Me by Rob Casper

Castle On A Cloud
by Herbert Kretzmer

There is a castle on a cloud
I like to go there in my sleep
Aren't any floors for me to sweep
Not in my castle on a cloud

There is a room that's full of toys
There are a hundred boys and girls
Nobody shouts or talks too loud
Not in my castle on a cloud

There is a lady all in white
Holds me and sings a lullaby
She's nice to see and she's soft to touch
She says "Cosette, I love you very much"

I know a place where no one's lost
I know a place where no one cries
Crying at all is not allowed
Not in my castle on a cloud

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Half-Believing Smile
by Cecile Alderman

I'm not one for clinging to the past and who's to blame
I'm a woman with a purpose, but it's not yet mine to claim
And I'm not here for the asking of a man to share his name
But the road is growing longer - the wayside stays the same.

Through the trees I hear the echo of my call to be set free
And it haunts me now to know the past once was, but cannot be

Like the train wheels turnin', I keep moving down the line
Searching for another with whom to spend my time
Counting dreams and makin' wishes upon a falling star
And I'll share all my ambitions and spead my love afar
To the man I'll spend my life with making all those dreams worthwhile
But til that day I'll always wear my half-believing smile.

Like my shadow on the highway - with no race, no name, no creed
I grow and fade, and rise again - maybe follow, maybe lead>
And I'm not here for the asking of a man to share his name
But the road is growing longer - the wayside stays the same>

Through the trees I hear the echo of my call to be set free
And it haunts me now to know the past once was, but cannot be.

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That Beautiful Laugh
by "Wayne Kramer"

"I was walking down the hall one day..."
"Thinking I donít want to stay..."
"Then from behind I hear that laugh.."
"I went to the voir with my cig and staff..."

I hear your laugh every morning
It wakes me up on a tired day
It puts a smile on my face everytime

When I talk to you on the phone
I feel safe, I canít be hurt
Unless you break my heart

Itís hard to be sad when I see you smile
It gives me that feeling like everythingís right
Damn, I think I need you

A day without you
Is a day I donít want to see
I want there to be a place in everyday for you

I love your laugh
I love your voice
I love you

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by anastasia
<The Transient Mind>

so i am a notch higher up on the age ladder
i am a year closer to death and my mom and my dad seem to experience no real traumas like i do they are
gardening adding life and vigor to our yard
i am sucking parmesan cheese out of my teeth thinking about this brand new girl
a friend i suppose and how beautifully summer is and how i am a sucker who
always wants
what she cannot have
yes i said stupid sucker
i love summer nights crickets and their symphonies the night is mine and right
now it is bowing down at my doorstep waiting for me to come out of my house and
take its hand it play
i miss something that doesnít even have a name but has a
feeling that in itself is larger than

any description thereof
that is this internal world why do the struggles seem
so ugly and ruthless and the dreams so impossible and heavy on my heart
i want but it is impossible
i have and i am still searching as if there is nothing
already in my hands
more than i want
i dream more than i want to and it is not inthe sleep
state those rarely haunt me like
the daydreams even nightmares
they fade fast in the span of a couple of days while
my true desires stay tightly con-
tained in a tupperware container
but they donít stay quietly no my dreams are turning
into some sory of odd science project
the stench is almost unbearable
the smell is death and no body likes death
my dreams are so beautifully under the pink my internal world
but opened up and exposed to air and light they rot and
mould quicker than i can even begin
to define them to the awaiting outside world
i hate to say this but my feelings donít rest silent anymore
i am no th in g
i have traveled malls time and time again
have been introduced to hundreds thousands of people
sill whoís eyes do i sparkle in nobody
who cares for my pain and suffering
who defines my existence no one i know
they leave and forget while my memory is solid as steel
but sneaky and curel
only jumping through the burning circus hoops when i am
\already on fire
ashes to ashes
i still want to live

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The Hunger
by anastasia
<The Transient Mind>

help to pull me out of my shell a life long as an iron chord
i, the turtle, run for cover but no more
my skin burns at the touch exposed and raw as a newborn baby
donít think i like who i never been
still i am the clam searching for peace
and i donít want to find my only freedom by ending up on your plate
so help to pull me out of my shell if you can
tolerate a friend with a heart bigger than the ocean
i can listen well i can love better
when it omes to me i seem to drown yes
in oceans abandoned do not swim signs every 5 feet
read into this your own words help to pull me out of my shell
i can not outrun a hare if i am crushed underfoot do not kno wme
do not understand me just love me feed me when i poke my head out
yes, i said feed me myy skin burns at the touch of the sun so be my shade
stand next to me not over me next to me do not be afraid of your own shadow
cause i can tell you the power of shadows mind has been over my head
and shadows are meant to fall at your side i have been so lost
do not change me do not mould me do not dig your ginders in and sculpt me
just love me
if you feel your voice calling out to mock then step away
i would rather burn than have that kind of shelter
if you think i am what i have been what i have shown what i have cries
you have seen my shell of selfhate and probably cracked me once or twice
as i have scurried underfoot under light underneath i a m
raw and tender as a baby needing arms and a fire burn me like the sun
pull me out of my shell cause this darkness
this cover is feeding me no more feed me yes, i said
feed me

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Trapped Bottled Tears
by anastasia
<The Transient Mind>

i am trapped bottled tears
so i sip the juice
sweet nectar to make
my stomach
relax from
all the haunt ing
discontent childhood
finger paint and all
blessed with an eternal
empti ness
and urge to run run run run
is in my dreams
now run run run baby run
is that all he taught you?
how to hate
(such love filled my fingertips i have on my guitar and her hair and down my throat)
such l ove tipped fingers i have
buried in
my poison
my ache
my lake
or tears and exiled
trapped deep in side
is that all he taught you girl?
how to flee
like a rat
from the market
is that all?
i sli p into a sick,
sick unconsciousness
the only happi ness
the daylight
brings me is a friend phone voice
(but that too i bury deep)
in side this body of mi n e
she says
i say
things of power i say
i am a sick girl runningfrom everything i ever
loved running from it al l
( an d m e ).....

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The Creation of Water
by Harlon Ellison

- - -Night was memory was water. In the beginning night was memory was water. And in the cool aquamarine depths dreams swam freely. In the beginning there was no such thing as the hook, and so dreams swam unimpeded from the top of the world to the bottom.

- - -But the memory mated with dreams. Strict rules against any such melding had been set down by the night, with the warning that errible things moght result; terrible things that the night had never even known the names for. But memory needed a vessel, and dreams felt naked out there in the dark and the wet; and so they mated. And memory became dreams became images became sand and day.

- - -And out of that miscegenation came first the light, and then the flame, and then the icon, and then the structures, and then the empty desert where dreams would wander till their feet blistered and their tongues swelled and their eyes burned.

- - -Out there the dreams wandered till they had no memory left of the way back. And in the darkness of the primal water, the night wept for memory. And in memoriam the night created nightmare; the product of a broken home

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Yohan DeWitt

I have these scattered thoughts
you know I do.
What you have done for me
is something true.

You've opened my eyes to ebony nights
and flourecent mornings.
I have experienced the greatest hurt
along with tender loving.

Thirty past midnight a man walks the lot;
has he felt the same as I?
As I watch the stranger meander
I hope so then not.

I sit thirteen stories up
in the capitol of paradise.
This town is dead now
I can feel your eyes.

My mind travels some more.
I can write forever.
I am leaving now.
I want to soar.
To a concrete endeavor.

I have these scattered thoughts
you know I do.

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by Nathaniel Clemons

I'm filled with all this rage
You're actions I do hate
You didn't even know my name
I see your eyes everywhere I look
And my it's my life you have took

I wash my hands in shattered glass
A crimson color stains each edge
I cannot feel these physical wounds
For inside I am bruised

Why'd you have to leave
I'm left with only shattered dreams
My soul thou shall bleed
Someone say it's not so
Please don't go please don't go

You played your life out of tune
I'd like to meet you
Maybe sometime soon...

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Summer Night's Breeze
by Yohann DeWitt

The sky is clear, the stars are shining
He plays a game of leise
And once in awhile he feels
The summer night's breeze.

The gust of cool air,
Is impeccable for his needs
For it brings a coolant,
And brushes away unease

His body is hot,
And thus he perspires,
His mind is boggled,
By a friend's desires.

For she wants to redeem
A lost friendship
Yet, her actions in the day
Doesn't show a kindliness.

He tries pretty hard,
But her he cannot please
But this is all washed away
In the summer night's breeze.

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by Phil Baker

If only you were strange,
then maybe I could know you.
Thoughts not so well arranged,
oh baby, I could show you.

If only you were weird,
I might just find your heart,
or someone to be feared,
even that would be a start.

If only you were crazy,
then maybe you could love me.
Just a bit more hazy,
not quite so far above me.

If you were just insane,
we could be happy forever after.
Perhaps slightly inane,
but with lives full of laughter.

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The Lie I Live
by Rob Casper

Born to Earth of Mother God
I am one
Grown with spawn and elder young
I am one
Portrayal of a walking joke
I am one
Treated in private as one of them
I am one

Sent to hell and back and to again
I was one
Went because authority was supreme
I was one
Killed my pride and sense of touch
I was one
Went along with helplessness intact
I was one

Never met set expectations
I am not one
Put here for public view and private love
I am gone
Never to be desired nor to experience equality
They are many
Living the lie I live, a great mistake
I am nothing

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Bleeding Me
by Rob Casper

I'm digging my way away
Digging my way to something better
I'm pushing to stay
Pushing my way to something better

I'm sowing the seeds I've gathered
Sowing the seeds I take for granted
This thorn in my side is no matter
This thorn in my side is from the tree I've planted
It tears me
And I bleed

Caught under wheels rolling
I take the leash
I'm bleeding me
Can't stop to save my soul
I take the leash that's leading me
I'm bleeding me
The wheels roll
The bleeding of me

I am the fear that feeds the beast
I am the blood
I am release
Come make me pure
Bleed me a cure
The wheels roll

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thanks to my feminine creator, Wayne Kramer, anastasia, Freak101, Phil Baker, and Rob Casper for submitting!!

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