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AND NOW, the moment you've all been waiting for...


this is me.. (duh) what else can I say.. (it's the only b&w one)

um, well, this is me before a dance.. lookin nice and prissy!

aww.. aren't we cute.. this is me and Sharlene, my bestest friend!!
I'm the one on the left that looks like i just made a pact with the devil...
and yeah, so it's not very clear.. deal with it..

this one's a little dark.. but hey, it's my doggy, Fluffy!! the same one I have political discussions with...
can't you see the intelligence in her eyes?? hahahaha.. no? who asked you!?!?

well, this one everyone's probly already seen.. it was taken the same day as the one above..
yeah, exciting stuff, i know...
anyway, there's Colorado for ya.. ain't it purty??

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---THE END---